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VIDEO: A JaVale McGee Highlight And The Pistons Bench Shockeys

JaVale McGee has been a running joke around these here Internet parts, and for good reason. While with the Washington Wizards, McGee put together quite the lowlight reel of boneheaded plays and mistakes. They were great for entertainment and Youtube clips, but not so great for the team.

But something important, perhaps historic, happened Wednesday night: JaVale McGee made the highlight reel. In fact, he had the play of the game. Even better, his play won the game for his new team, the Denver Nuggets.

Visual evidence, and a GIF of the Detroit Pistons bench Shockeying, after the jump.

First, the good:

And now, the reaction to Ben Gordon's missed shot at the buzzer.


Look at the epic facepalm and near-tears woman behind the bench. Everything is wonderful, though the universe is a bit out of whack.