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VIDEO: Stephon Marbury Flies High After Winning Chinese Basketball Championship

Stephon Marbury is a champion, friends, and for that we should all be happy. Marbury's Beijing Ducks, of the Chinese Basketball Association, took home the title on Friday, easily winning a best-of-seven series against The Guangdong Southern Tigers. Marbury scored 41 points in the decisive Game 5, which is a fun enough part of the whole story.

But the celebration tops the championship win by a mile. After the Game 5 win to clinch the title, the Ducks gathered at midcourt, surrounded by a large crowd. In the middle of it all was Marbury, taking in the moment. And then his teammates picked him up and flung him into the air repeatedly.

Via Ben Golliver

It's Friday, Stephon Marbury is crowdsurfing and being tossed into the air, and the former NBAer is a champion. If this isn't a great day, I just don't know what is.

For more on Marbury's win, head over to CBS Sports' Eye on Basketball.