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JaVale McGee Is A Facilitator, Feel Me?

Wizards center JaVale McGee gets a lot of grief for some bad -- and often hilarious -- basketball habits. On Saturday he brought back The #EpicVale Point Guard Experience™, leading the Wizards on the break -- then colliding with Cavaliers center Ryan Hollins and losing the ball out of bounds.

The episode forced interim coach Randy Wittman to break out his favorite metaphor: "Cigarette smoking is a tough habit to beat."

But McGee was most captivating with his tongue-in-cheek quotes after the game, starting off with "I had two assists but they only gave me one so we gon' have to go to the film and talk to the league about that."

That was just the beginning.

In fairness to McGee, he did do a splendid job running one fast break -- drawing the defender and dishing to Jordan Crawford for a dime. See?

"I'm not looking to score all the time, you know? Feel me?" McGee joked. "I have a high shooting percentage which means I don't shoot a lot. I like to pass the ball but sometimes people aren't open to get it."

So what makes him so successful?

"We're just trying to look professional. You know how it go, they say if you dress professional, you play professional."

I asked McGee what was better: His Suit Game or his Game Game.

"I mean, I got a lot of suits so it's kind of hard to live up to my suit game."

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