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ANIMATED: Tim Duncan Reminds Birdman Who's Boss

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Poor Chris Andersen. The Denver Nuggets forward thought he could D up Tim Duncan. And sure, Duncan's getting a little up there in age and may have lost a step or two. But whatever he's lost, he's made up for by leaning on those wily veteran tricks.

You know, like whacking Birdman in the face, then dunking on him. It doesn't get much more disrespectful than that. When a man gives you the ol' crossface with a basketball from the triple-threat, then dunks on you as you try to recover, it might be time to give it up.



Not trying to second guess here, but maybe Andersen should've just given up on the play after he got hit in the face. Surely walking off the court holding your eye while the play is still going on is better than walking off the court holding your eye AND getting dunked on. Live to fight another day, man.