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ANIMATED: Kobe Bryant Has A New Custom Mask, Is Mysterious

Kobe Bryant is now in his third game of face-mask-wearing, cyborg-Kobe. To the surprise of precisely no one, Bryant decided to have a mask custom-made to better reflect his individualism. Kobe Bryant isn't Rip Hamilton, you jerks. A clear mask simply will not do. Check out the new and improved Kobe mask after the jump.

The wind blew through the trees as a foreboding rain fell lightly across the steps of Cobblebrook Manor. A mysterious horseman arrived under cover of night.


"Heavens, but you startled me!" cried the demure Lady Mellicent. "What brings you to these parts, mysterious stranger?"

The horseman studied her warily, then glanced toward the heavens.


"It is not for your fair ears to hear, milady," responded the stranger, and Lady Mellicent could now see that the man hid his visage behind a mask as dark as the night itself. "Best not to concern yourself with matters such as these," he continued. "Matters having to do with..."



The thunder clapped. The cock crew. The night was still.

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