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VIDEO: Dwight Howard Imitates Charles Barkley, Takes Dig At Shaq

Announcer imitations seem to be all the rage with professional athletes in what's become either a form of flattery or mockery. We've seen just about everyone play the role of Tim Kurkjian, but how does Dwight Howard as Charles Barkley sound? It sounds better than a Tim Kurkjian impression, doesn't it?

With reporters gathered around him, Howard broke out his best Barkley, and it was actually pretty good. The clip, which was played on TNT on Thursday, was short, but the impression was hilarious. To top it all off, Howard got a dig in at Shaq at the end after a reporter requested a second imitation.

That's Howard saying "I don't have captions, I can't talk..." when asked to do his Shaq impression.