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VIDEO: Andrew Bynum Grabs 30 Rebounds, Cusses On TV

Andrew Bynum may have grabbed 30 rebounds, putting him in elite company, but he didn't give a shit. His shooting was off all night. No, really, those were his words. And he said them on live television, probably sending someone diving across the room for the dump button. Those efforts failed, and we have a video of Bynum dropping the word "shit" on live television as a result.

There are a few funny things about this video. First, Bynum, knowing he was on live television, immediately dropped the s-bomb. Second, the control room missed it, but bleeped the next few seconds after. Third, how in the hell was nobody standing by the dump button with Bynum stepping up to the mic?

Via the wonderful Jose3030

I mean, it's better than an anchor dropping a bad word and Bynum wasn't exactly lying. But when the first thing out of your mouth in an interview following the game is "I shot the ball like shit," someone's probably going to whack you upside the head later.