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David Stern Sets Up 'Surprise Meeting' With Kevin Johnson, Maloofs

The Sacramento Kings are a focal point at this week's NBA Board of Governors meeting in New York. It was reported Thursday afternoon that Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof were asking their fellow owners to support their opposition to the current deal for a new sports and entertainment complex that is in place with the city of Sacramento, in addition to support for a potential move to Anaheim if the Maloofs do not get further concessions. It's a mess that will require additional discussions between Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Maloofs. And according to Tony Bizjak of the Sacramento Bee, NBA Commissioner David Stern has set up a "surprise meeting" between the parties for Friday.

Via @TonyBizjak:

Bizjak reports that the meeting is currently set to take place at the popular and infamous "undisclosed location." Both sides announced a deal less than two months ago during the NBA's All-Star break, but now the Maloofs want to renegotiate and are questioning the city's ability to build a new arena by 2015.

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