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Kevin Johnson Steadfast In Refusal To Renegotiate Sacramento Arena Deal With Kings' Owners

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson has flown to New York to meet with top NBA officials and the Maloofs, who own the Kings. But in a letter to the Maloofs released to the media Thursday night, Johnson, a former All-NBA point guard, reaffirmed the city's refusal to renegotiate approved terms of the arena deal passed by the city council in March.

That deal was brokered in all-hands negotiations in Orlando during All-Star Weekend.

"Under no circumstances will the City make material adjustments to the current terms of the deal," Johnson said in the letter. "Put simply, we have done our part."

In filings with the city, the Maloofs have raised several issues, including a disputed payment of $3.2 million toward pre-development fees and the likelihood of the new facility being ready to open for the 2015-16 season. The city has pushed back against the tenor of the Maloofs' filings, suggesting they indicate a lack of support for Sacramento.

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