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VIDEO: Vin Scully's Jackie Robinson Day Tribute

On Jackie Robinson Day, take 30 seconds to watch this terrific video from, voiced by Vin Scully.

(via Quickish)

Transcribed, in case you don't have audio:

Before Ellsbury. Before Kemp. Before Ichiro, Mo, and Thomas. Before Gwynn. Before Ozzie. Before Murray, and Carew. Before Frank. Before Ernie. Before Aaron, and Mays. There was Jackie.

But I can't transcribe the music or Scully's voice, so definitely watch the video.

Around our MLB network, Tom Dakers has a good Jackie Robinson Day post at SB Nation's Blue Jays blog, Bluebird Banter. Put simply:

Generally, sports are just sports. Jackie on the other hand, was more important than just baseball. He gave a face to the whole civil rights movement. He changed it from being just a political issue something that people could understand as more than just an idea. It is hard to believe that such a relatively short time ago the world was so much different.

Share your Jackie Robinson memories and thoughts in the comments.

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