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When Kenny Anderson Skipped Practice For A Strip Club, And Other Stories From An Old Nets Beat Writer

The Nets are leaving New Jersey after this season, and nobody's that sentimental about it. But that doesn't mean there are no memories. Wednesday night, Frank Isola from the New York Daily News told a few stories on Twitter.

I remember covering the Nets when Chris Morris wrote "Trade" on one sneaker and "Me" on the other. And there was the time when Jayson Williams offered to provide hookers for the beat writers...I leave it at that.

And there's more.

The late great Armen Gilliam was a gentleman but it was pure comedy to hear Rick Mahorn bust his chops non-stop. Then there was the time the late Yinka Dare walked into the locker room and was greeted by Kenny Anderson with "What up, Stinka." Next day Derrick Coleman wanted to know why it was such a big story. "He's a captain," a reporter said. "Well, Whoop-De-Damn-Do," DC replied. Rick Mahorn once turned to us during a 76ers game and asked: "Doesn't Sharone Wright look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon." So wrong. Rick Mahorn and the late Dwyane Shintzius would absolutely crush people. Oh man, those dudes were funny. Then you add Jayson, Morris. The Nets would sit around debating which NBA player would make the ugliest woman. Rick Mahorn: "Tyrone Hill in a wig. No question" So wrong.

One day someone needs to write a book full of stories from beat writers from around the league, because there's just no better source of comedy than NBA basketball players. I love this game.

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