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VIDEO: Robin Lopez Takes Out Blake Griffin, Gets Ejected

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NBA big men: Is Blake Griffin about to jam on you in the open court? You can stand tall and get smoked like Kendrick Perkins. You can run out of the frame like a coward. Or you can turn heel and wrap up The Poster Child like Robin Lopez did on Thursday.

One problem: choosing the Sideshow Bob route could get you ejected. Video of the foul that did get Lopez booted is after the jump.

The wild thing, as noted by Clips Nation's Steve Perrin in his Scores & More recap of the game: It worked! The game turned around for the Phoenix Suns when Lopez creamed Griffin, and they ended up beating the L.A. Clippers in a tight, high-impact game. That's a bad outcome for the NBA, and other Blake victims may start fighting back with pre-emptive hard fouls. Let's hope the NBA legislates the new strat hard, because the last thing we need is fewer Griffin jams.