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Jim Nantz, John Stockton, And A Hot Tub Full Of 80s Hair Secrets

Jim Nantz once interviewed John Stockton in a hot tub. It wasn't nearly as sexy as you imagine JUST KIDDING. Please don't lick the screen on your computer or mobile device while watching this, because you fingers have been all over that thing, and your fingers are filthy, terrible things. It's just that arousing, and you have been warned.

This marks the last time Jim Nantz did anything fun whatsoever, but let us focus on the important elements of unbeatable eighties-ness here. Clearly, no one in this interview has ever touched a weight, and why would they: they're athletes, and athletes aren't bodybuilders, guys. Just a few years later, Karl Malone will walk into the locker room and take his shirt off, thus making everyone else on the Jazz feel very bad about themselves, and the age of the frail NBA lothario will be over. (Except for Jeff Hornacek, who stayed proudly manorexic to the end, or didn't want to buy new shirts and pants or something.)

Please also note that the Utah Jazz are in accordance with 1980s city codes requiring that half of all men sitting in hot tubs must be in possession of a mustache or other facial hair. Forever law-abiding, those Utah men. If you don't want a mullet after watching this video, something is indeed terribly un-American in your heart, because just look at all that majesty flowing down their shoulders. It's like a mini-van with captain's chairs and Chicago blasting from the speakers you can wear on your head.