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Kevin Seraphin Wants To Be A Hero


We're going to talk about Wizards forward Kevin Seraphin for a few minutes, just because he's the greatest. For instance... Above, he's talking to NBC News about his lifelong dream of becoming a fireman.


But there's so much more to love.


Here he is in this video, introducing us to his pets. That's one of two pet parakeets above. That one's name is April. Later, he introduces us to his pet milk snake, named "Snakey."

Snakes are his favorite animal.


Here he is cheering on the hometown team.


Here's another good tweet.

And oh yeah, here's video of him riding around the Verizon Center on a Segway promoting green energy. It's been a long season, but even if nothing else has gone right for the Wizards this year, it's important that everyone remembers how great Kevin Seraphin is. He's averaging 15 and 7 over the past month, he has a pet snake named Snakey, and he wants to be a fireman.

Kevin Seraphin wants to be a hero? To some of us, he's already there.