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VIDEO: Chris Duhon's Travel Dance Wins Everything

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We'll start by saying this game had no redeeming qualities for 47 minutes and 53 seconds. The Pacers-Magic matchup was just awful. Everything about it was awful, including the Pacers inability to do anything positive in the waning moments. It was bad.

And then Chris Duhon totally redeemed everything. His travel dance was the greatest thing to happen to this game, and the 10 people who were still paying attention were rewarded. It was worth it, I think.

Duhon wasn't even in the game, but keep an eye on the background of this video. You'll know Duhon when you see him.

Via @EyeOnBasketball

And a GIF from the wonderful Jose3030:


See? Totally redeemed everything. Never seen a man so excited about a travel that he had to break out in a dance -- FROM THE BENCH -- but we're so glad it happened.