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Where Kate Upton Spends A Day With Kevin Durant And James Harden

Companies produce these viral ad campaigns all the time, and usually we ignore them. One way to ensure nobody ignores them? Include Kate Upton in your video.

Skullcandy made it happen, AND they included Kevin Durant and James Harden. Come for Durant slapping the ball out of the supermodel's hand, stay for jump rope and massages. So yes, up there you have Kate Upton spending a day in the life of Harden and Durant at work with the Thunder. And then toward the end, Harden and Durant spending a day in the life of Kate Upton.

(Note: Joining a magazine shoot might be awkward for Durant, but don't you get the sense that James Harden would kinda love being Kate Upton's sidekick on any/all fashion shoots?)

Also: While we're here and talking all things Kate Upton, we should probably remind you that "Cat Daddy" is trending worldwide today. For Skullcandy's next viral video, they should probably just film Durant and Harden's reactions to watching this, the other video that hit the web today.