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Chris Andersen's Agent Releases Statement, Asks Public To Hold Judgment

Chris Andersen is being investigated by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, with a raid taking place at his home on Thursday. Details are scarce, and Andersen has neither been arrested nor charged with any crimes, but the Denver Nuggets have excused him from the team as the investigation unfolds. At this point, though, nobody is quite sure what the authorities may be looking for or what triggered the investigation.

As everyone waits for more information on the investigation, Andersen's agent Mark Bryant is asking for patience, and believes his client will be proven innocent when all is said and done.

It has been my privilege to know Mr. Andersen both personally and professionally for many years. He is an outstanding member of this community. We have been actively cooperating with the authorities and will continue to do so. No arrest has been made. I believe in Chris. I would ask the Citizens of Colorado to give Chris his due. Like every one of us, he is presumed innocent. At the end of the day, I am confident it will be shown that he did nothing wrong. We are confident law enforcement is actively pursuing all angles and will get to the truth.

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