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J.R. Smith's Contract Situation Should Be Interesting To Follow This Summer

J.R. Smith can be a free agent this offseason, but it sounds as though the New York Knicks guard is considering opting into a contract extension for next year.


J.R. Smith wasn't exactly brilliant for the New York Knicks this season, and he certainly didn't end the year on a good note after shooting worse than 32 percent in the postseason. That doesn't mean Smith's tenure with the Knicks is going to end after one truncated season, however.

Smith previously "warned" Knicks fans that he might not come back if they kept tweeting him mean things, but Marc Berman of the New York Post reports that the sharpshooting wingman is considering opting into his contract option for next season (via Posting and Toasting).

J.R. Smith said yesterday he was just joking on his Twitter feed Wednesday night and didn't mean to threaten Knicks fans that he is departing.

In fact, the Post has learned Smith is leaning toward opting into the final year of his contract with the new CBA's structure for middle class players. Smith stands to make $2.5 million next season, but his lousy playoff in which he shot 31 percent could lead him to return.

It was widely opined that Smith would opt out of the optional year when he decided to sign with the Knicks after returning from China mid-season, but if he likes New York, he may indeed be better off re-signing rather than risking a hit to the ego in free agency.

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