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Presenting The Ultimate Chris Bosh GIF

It is no secret to any NBA fan that Chris Bosh is the most imminently GIF-able person in the league. He has given us classic animated images before, but has really turned it up a notch this postseason. His lurking and suddenly appearing during post-game interviews is already the stuff of legend and a meme unto itself, but an enterprising fan has given us the be-all, end-all (for now) of Bosh GIFs. Ladies and gentlemen, behold.


Via NBA Gifs

Game. Set. Match. This is the Inception of Chris Bosh animated images. Just layers within layers. Please take a few (or 15) minutes out of your day and behold the glory of the image.

To help you really get the most out of the experience, please hit this every so often as the image begins to loop again. You certainly will not be sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to watch this GIF for the rest of my life.