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VIDEO: Rajon Rondo Seals Game With Canny Foul, Retreat

The Boston Celtics led by three with just seconds left. The Philadelphia 76ers picked up a defensive rebound and Jrue Holiday sprinted downcourt with the ball. Rajon Rondo, a top-notch defender and, frankly, smart as heck player, made a canny play: He fouled Holiday in the open court.

That’s simply a brilliant play, made with nary a fraction of a second to spare. (Holiday should have dropped it off to Spencer Hawes anyway.)

Holiday sunk both to pull the Sixers within one with three seconds left. After a Celtics time-out, the Sixers needed to (1) foul immediately and hope (2) Boston missed the first, (3) made the second and (4) gave Philly one more chance.

Welp, they failed on Step 1.

Rondo didn’t only have a 13-17-12 triple-double, he ran a last-second naked bootleg to clinch a Game 1 victory. He is something amazing.

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