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Grizzlies Vs. Clippers, NBA Playoffs 2012 Game 7 Final Score: Chris Paul, Los Angeles Win 82-72

The Clipper and Grizzlies might not have provided the best basketball experience of the NBA Playoffs first round, but Los Angeles and Memphis sure provided the best viewing experience. What a series.

All that comes to an end Sunday as the Clippers were able to hold off the Grizzlies in a rough-and-tumble Game 7 in Memphis, winning 82-72. Los Angeles advances to face the Spurs. Game 1 tips on Tuesday in San Antonio.

The (sponsor) message: BELIEVE in your SMELLF!


So... The Clippers are in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. This is a real, true sentence! Say it aloud. Check out that mouthfeel. Strange, right? Well, it's just the second time that it can be said since the team moved to Los Angeles in 1984.

Here's what you need to know from the game:

Player of the Game

Chris Paul finished with 19 points, nine rebounds and four assists and two steals. The Clippers don't win this game without their bench, but those guys are irrelevant without CP3.

GIF of the Game


Yup, that's definitely a basketball play.

Lasting Image of the Game


Spot the trend? This was a physical series. PLAYOFF BASKETBALL, etc.

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