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VIDEO: David Stern Says It's Time To Look At Flopping More Seriously

Over the past few months, lots of NBA fans have said that they are fed up with all the supposed flopping that goes on in NBA games nowadays. The "stop the flop" movement has gained steam throughout the playoffs, fueled in particular by several Jeff Van Gundy rants. However, there had been little indication that the people in charge actually see flopping as a huge problem.

That changed on Sunday afternoon when NBA commissioner David Stern had some strong words for floppers during a sideline interview with ABC's Lisa Salters.

"It's only designed to fool the referee. It's not a legitimate play. I recognize there's contact and you might move a little bit, but with all this acting, we should give out Oscars rather than MVP trophies," he said.

Stern later added that it's time for the NBA to look at flopping more closely.

"Some years ago, I told the Competition Committee that we should start fining people for flopping, and then suspending people. I think they almost threw me out of the room. 'No, let it be,' [they said]. But "I think it's time to look at it in a more serious way."

We will see if Stern can back up his strong words with some action.