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VIDEO: Dwyane Wade's Block On Paul George Was Unbelievable

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The Indiana Pacers are a nice basketball team, but they don't have LeBron James or Dwyane Wade. That's simplistic, I know, but Wade and James have 38 points in the second half, compared to 37 total for the Pacers. Also, they can do things like what Wade did just here blocking Paul George on a breakaway.

We've seen Wade do this so often that I don't think we appreciate the high degree of difficulty of this block. For one thing, George, who is no slouch as an athlete himself, had a 20-foot head start. For another, he cleverly went to the reverse layup, cutting off Wade's obvious blocking angle.

All that, and Wade was still able to adjust his arm in midair to reach the ball on the other side of the rim and get the block. A play that great should never be taken for granted.

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