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And Here's Marc Gasol In A Go-Cart

When the NBA offseason arrives, different players unwind in different ways.

This is probably the best way, though.


What a BAWSE. Bonus points for providing this photo with the hashtag, . Now then, let's think about this. If every Grizzlie were a Mario Kart player...

  • Zach Randolph would be Bowser, obviously.
  • Rudy Gay would be Yoshi.
  • Tony Allen would be Peach.
  • O.J. Mayo would be... Wario? Maybe?
  • Mike Conley would be Toad.
  • Hamed Haddadi would be Donkey Kong. (so hairy!)
  • Gilbert Arenas definitely owns a souped-up Go-Cart and should really be allowed to race as himself.
  • So I think Marc Gasol would probably be Luigi?

He's always been the little brother, right? Either way, I'm really glad he's enjoying his offseason and gave us an excuse to have this conversation. Rock on, Marc!

(HT: Marc Gasol's Twitter, via Michael Katz)