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Lance Stephenson Might Not Want To Do This

I get it, Lance Stephenson. It's the heat of the moment and the Miami Heat aren't looking so hot right now. The game was ratcheted up a notch when Danny Granger and LeBron James went at it, and both sides are a little testy. The Heat, frankly, look like a mess.

But do not do this. The "this" is making a choking symbol to taunt the Heat. It's Game 3. Now is not the time to pull this, especially when it'll get passed around.

The last thing you want is to piss off LeBron, Dwyane Wade and the rest of the Heat.



At the same time, kind of have to admire his dedication to bringing the taunting. It's just that it could backfire. So on one hand: BAD BAD BAD. On the other hand, this is SPORTS and taunting is fun and interesting.

So conflicted and have no idea what to think! Someone help me out.