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VIDEO: Metta World Peace, Russell Westbrook Scrap Over Loose Ball

After wrestling for a loose ball with 4:14 to play in the second quarter, Russell Westbrook and Metta World Peace had to be separated by officials after a mini skirmish.

Westbrook dove on the floor for a loose ball before Wold Peace tried to tie him up for a jump ball. The Thunder called a timeout, and as the players were separating, it appeared World Peace dropped a knee into Westbrook. Westbrook then reacted and the two players were separated. It was hard to tell if there was intent behind the knee or if it was just a result of World Peace trying to untangle from Westbrook. In any event, Westbrook took exception.

Via @dailythunder

Both Westbrook and World Peace were assessed technical fouls. It's possible some of Westbrook's reaction stems from World Peace's previous incident with Thunder guard James Harden. World Peace was suspended for seven games after he elbowed Harden in the head during a regular season game.

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