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VIDEO: Staples Center Time-Lapse From The Weekend

Staples Center played host to a wild weekend of events, with three teams -- the Clippers, Lakers and Kings -- all hosting playoff games throughout the weekend. All told, the Los Angeles arena hosted six games in four days, including a weekend that saw the floor changed from Clippers-themed to Lakers-themed, then to the Kings ice and back to the Clippers theme.

It was an amazing accomplishment for the staff at Staples Center. And now you can watch the time-lapse.

Pretty wild that the crews were able to change the hardwood configures in a matter of hours. And even more wild: The Sunday change that involved covering the ice with insulation and laying down the Clippers' floor before a 7:30 p.m. PT game -- about a four-hour turnaround.

We also had a man on the ground, documenting the atmosphere all weekend. His report can be found over at SB Nation Los Angeles. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, the Sports Armageddon didn't turn out so well.