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Bearded Thunder Fans Fun To Watch

You know what? I'm now fully behind the beard masks Oklahoma City Thunder fans are wearing in honor of James Harden. For a while, I thought they were lame, because they took something unique like Harden's beard and gave everyone access to it.

But that was before TNT's cameras decided to cut away to bearded Thunder fans every time Harden did something. These are some priceless images.

For example, here's a Thunder fan doing something lots of fans do: yelling at a referee. Without a beard, he's just another fan. With a beard, he transforms into a wise man that protects the sacred text of the NBA rulebook.


And then, there's the celebrating. Without a beard, this guy could be at any sporting event. With a beard, he's acting like he's ushering in the Messianic Age.
The lesson: put beards on every Thunder fan. It'll make all those camera cutaways more amusing.

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