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VIDEO: Russell Westbrook The Master Of Continuation

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The 2011-12 NBA season has seen plenty of absurd shots from tremendously talented players. This play by Russell Westbrook, though, has to top them all. With the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers tied at 70 midway through the third quarter of Game 5, Westbrook deflected a Ramon Sessions pass, got the steal and ... well, just watch the rest.

Sessions went over to wrap Westbrook up like any smart player, and Westbrook still powered through to bank home what essentially was a 15-foot layup.

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This, of course, was followed by a typically outlandish Westbrook celebration. This is the same guy who did his gun holster move after hitting a three-pointer in Game 4 with his team down by double digits. You knew he was going to add a little extra flavor to his amazing shot.


Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant's reaction was ... yeah. This was predictable.


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