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VIDEO: Udonis Haslem Retaliates On Tyler Hansbrough, Called For Flagrant Foul

The Miami Heat probably caught a huge break here. Power forward Udonis Haslem, arguably their third-most important player behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, was lucky to avoid getting tossed after being whistled for a flagrant foul for winding up and hitting Tyler Hansbrough on the shoulder with both hands in retaliation for an earlier flagrant foul on Wade.

Haslem's foul came when he picked up Hansbrough rolling to the rim. Instead of contesting the shot, Haslem slammed his two hands down right on Hansbrough's shoulder. Here's video.

For context, Hansbrough was called for a flagrant foul a couple possessions earlier after he popped Wade in the head coming down the lane. Here's video of that play.

Both players were assessed a flagrant foul, but only the "Flagrant 1" variety. A "Flagrant 2" foul, which is anything deemed to be both unnecessary and excessive, would mean an immediate ejection. Haslem's foul in particular seemed both unnecessary and excessive, but the referees obviously disagreed.

It's the second time the Heat have gotten lucky to avoid an immediate ejection in this series. Wade was called for merely a Flagrant 1 after he took down Darren Collison on a fast break.

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