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Pacers Offense Pretty Terrible At End Of First Half

The Indiana Pacers, despite their size advantage inside, were completely unable to get the ball to Roy Hibbert and David West at the end of the first half. There were four possessions in particular where the Pacers’ guards dribbled around aimlessly instead of entering the ball to Hibbert in the post.

It’s a huge problem, of course, and it explains how the Heat’s lead whittled from two to nine.

But it’s also important to keep perspective here. Of course the Pacers should be criticized, but it’s harder than ever to enter the ball into the post these days because teams can play zone on the weakside. It also didn’t help that Danny Granger, the Pacers’ top offensive threat, was out of the game. Without that elite floor spacer in the game, the Heat were able to help off Indiana’s other perimeter players to further deny the post entry pass.

Indiana still needs to find a way to get the ball inside despite these circumstances, but it’s important to remember it’s 2012, not 1992. NBA rules these days make it easier than ever for smaller teams to deny the post.