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LeBron James And Dwyane Wade Are Toying With The Pacers Now

With Danny Granger out of the game due to injury, Game 5 of this 2012 NBA Playoffs second-round series between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat has turned into the LeBron James and Dwyane Wade show. The two Heat stars have completely taken over this game, throwing in many highlights on fast breaks.

This play was probably the most impressive. James was falling out of bounds, but he somehow managed to catch the outlet pass with one hand and fire it to Wade on the other side of the court for the dunk.


Like any good teammate, Wade decided to return the favor, throwing a baseball pass of his own to hit James for a dunk.


If Miami was more of a football town, we'd hear how that was like [INSERT QUARTERBACK] hitting [INSERT WIDE RECEIVER] for a touchdown. Sadly, Ryan Tannehill to Davone Bess doesn't really qualify.

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