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VIDEO: Dexter Pittman Delivers Elbow To Lance Stephenson's Throat

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Indiana Pacers benchwarmer Lance Stephenson bothered the Miami Heat players after he gave LeBron James the choke signal during the Pacers' Game 3 win. It took two games, but it looks like the Heat have gotten their revenge, all thanks to a very dirty play by backup center Dexter Pittman.

With the game decided in the final minutes, Stephenson came down the lane to grab a rebound. Pittman responded by blatantly sticking his elbow out, catching Stephenson right in the throat.


That play is reminiscent of the elbow Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum delivered to J.J. Barea in Game 4 of the Lakers' four-game loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Playoffs. Bynum received a five-game suspension for that one.

Pittman may receive fewer games simply because the games he'd miss are in the playoffs and not the regular season, but that play was just as bad as Bynum's, if not worse. I'd expect a major suspension.

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