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Kevin Garnett's Terrifying Message For The Miami Heat? 'Let's Do It'

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The Miami Heat will be heavy favorites heading into the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, even without Chris Bosh. But they do not have what Boston has: Kevin Garnett, master of staring into your soul.

Asked by ESPN's Doris Burke what message he had for the Heat heading into the conference finals, KG replied with a quick "Let's do it!" and then stared at the camera as if to inform it that it would be dead in moments.

Here's the video:

Here's KG piercing your very being with his gaze like a Draugr from Skyrim:


And here's your helpful reminder of just what Garnett was saying and feeling in that very moment:


Game 1 of Heat-Celtics tips on Monday night. Let's do it, right?

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