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Stephen Jackson Has Given Himself A New Middle Name

The San Antonio Spurs were lauded as being a rather boring team for the majority of their dynasty seasons, but that isn't the case anymore. The team is aging, certainly, but they're also getting more exciting.

The "no longer boring" label doesn't only apply to the innovative offense and on-court product, however -- even the team's off-court incidents have become more entertaining. The latest example came Sunday night, via Stephen Jackson, following the now-famous "nasty" speech from head coach Gregg Popovich.

So then came "I want some nasty," and the ears of someone perked up.

"My name is nasty," he said, and someone asked him if "nasty" was indeed his middle name.

"Yes," he said. "My name is Stephen Nasty Jackson."

And he laughed, because this is precisely what he wanted to do when he returned to San Antonio.

The above anecdote, courtesy of Buck Harvey's column in Monday morning's San Antonio Express-News, is just really fun and continues a tradition of crazy quotes from Jackson. His middle name is actually Jesse, but let's just agree that Captain Jack's middle name probably should have been "Nasty."

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