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Chinese Beer Company Creates Most Shaquille O'Neal Commercial Of All Time

We're all friends here. We can talk. For as much crap as Shaquille O'Neal has always gotten for all of his ill-fated and highly cheeseball endeavors, from Kazaam to "Shaq-Fu" to verses with Fu-Schnickens to being bested in one-on-one by a (probably juicing) Aaron Carter, the insanely goofball nature of Shaq is precisely why we all love him. The advertising geniuses behind a new ad for a Chinese beer company understand this. Boy, do they ever understand it.

This video, which comes to us courtesy of Ball Don't Lie and Buzzfeed, is a pretty tremendous representation of Shaq. It is my sincere hope that in 20 years time, when you look up "Shaquille O'Neal" in whatever holographic space-dictionary we're all using at that time, you'll be treated to this video:

My favorite part (other than "the whole thing") is probably when Shaq is filled with glee at having won the (apparently enormous) bottle of beer and does a little dance, but then suddenly OH NO A TINY WOMAN HAS USURPED SHAQ'S BEER, but then right at the very last second it turns out there was beer for everyone all along. What a hilarious and fortunate turn of events!

Aspiring screenwriters, take note: this is how you build suspense and create a twist that everyone can appreciate. Boy wins beer, boy loses beer, boy finds out there was more beer the whole time. It's a classic formula. It's what makes Chinatown so good.