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Chris Bosh Could Miss Heat's Game 3 For Birth Of His Child

Chris Bosh's wife is reportedly about to give birth to the couple's first child -- Bosh has a daughter from a previous relationship -- in Miami. Bosh had been in New York with the Heat, preparing for Thursday's Game 3. There's a strong chance Bosh doesn't return in time for that game. Since this is Chris Bosh, the NBA Macho Set's designated whipping boy, you can already hear the reaction.

But let's get one thing straight well in advance of this story: if you criticize Chris Bosh for wanting to be there for the birth of his child at the cost of a playoff game, you are a horrible, horrible human being.

Because it's Bosh, you can almost hear the Cowherdian narrative forming. First, the jokes:

I didn't even know Chris Bosh was pregnant! He carries it well.

Then, the bait ...

Look, I respect Bosh's decision. Everyone has their priorities, and family is clearly important to him ...

And the switch.

... but would Larry Bird miss a playoff game for anything? I don't think so. Would Michael Jordan leave his team behind in the heat of war? Absolutely not. This is why the Heat will never win a championship: they don't care enough about basketball. They just don't want it enough.

Sorry, but if you make this argument, you probably do not have a soul. Let's just put that ground rule in place before the next 48 hours of opinion-wanking commence.