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2012 NBA Draft Order: Hornets Fans Buzzing Over Lottery Win

After winning Wednesday night's NBA Draft Lottery, the New Orleans Hornets were awarded the No. 1 pick on June 28, and are all but certain to select former Kentucky Wildcat center Anthony Davis.

Over at SB Nation's, our own Royan Cruyff has already become enamored by the unibrow and is encouraging Hornets fans do the same and brow down.

Over on Twitter, Cruyff is continuing to display an uncanny ability to eloquently articulate his feelings and excitement for the Hornets. This was what his Twitter feed looked like just moments after the Hornets logo was unveiled from the envelope announcing the No. 1 pick:


Many are predicting Davis will re-shape the franchise as a budding superstar new owner Tom Benson can build around. Among the loud noises billowing out from Hornets fans is some pretty practical and level-headed commentary on what Davis to the Hornets could mean.

Lets geaux Hornets! Gordon and Davis is about a solid foundation as you can get - @Pueblo88

Am I crazy to think a backcourt of the Commish and the Coaches Son could work? - @RedHopeful

Whether you're a Hornets fan needing a place to comfortably say weird things about how thrilled you are for the Anthony Davis Era, or a Bobcats fans looking to troll, be sure to drop a comment over at