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Celtics Vs. Heat, 2012 NBA Playoffs Reaction: Boston Demoralized, Not Devastated

The Boston Celtics controlled the first half of the game against the Miami Heat on Wednesday evening but faltered early in the second half. Boston, powered by a career night by Rajon Rondo, battled back late in the game and sent it into overtime, but Boston was out of gas and couldn't close the deal. Paul Pierce fouled out in regulation and Rondo was the only Celtics player who could score in overtime.

Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog says Boston might be demoralized by the tough loss, but they're not devastated.

This team still has Paul Pierce, the king of comebacks. They still have Kevin Garnett, who will not die quietly. They still have Ray Allen, greatest shooter alive. And they have Rajon Rondo, triple double machine who's best is as good as anyone's in the game.

They have too much pride, too much savvy, too much mental toughness to go quietly into that dark night. They are down, but you can never truly count them out. And if they go down, you can bet that they will go down swinging. And that's just one reason why I'm so proud of this team and feel lucky to be a fan.

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