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JaVale McGee's Mom Was The Real Winner Last Night

JaVale McGee was interviewed live on ESPN after the Denver Nuggets' win over the Los Angeles Lakers. This is where we pause to let you digest that; McGee was so good, he was the featured postgame interview. The story in itself is good enough, but when we add in Pam McGee, his mother? Then it gets better.

There's a GIF after the jump and McGee's interview. But along with those two items comes a story. And it's fantastic.

Now, you may wonder why McGee's mom goes from smiling to death stare with the quickness:


Watch the interview for the context. Try to piece it together.

This is what happened: McGee's mother has that "I'm proud of my son" look while watching him being interviewed on the JumboTron. Then she realizes they're talking about her. Quickly, her beaming face shifts to the "You say something bad about me and I'm whipping your ass later" look. She goes from giddy to hell no with the quickness.

Pam McGee was the best part of last night by a mile.