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Woman Wanders Onto Court During Nuggets-Lakers Game

Really don't see this often. While fans enter the playing surface during baseball, football and soccer games, it seems to seldom happen during an NBA game. It's not like there are many barriers, it just doesn't really happen at all, and that's probably a good thing.

So imagine our surprise when a woman decided to just stroll out onto the court during Sunday night's matchup between the Nuggets and Lakers. And it was an incredibly odd scene.

I really have no idea. It's like she wants an autograph, and she probably had a wee bit much to drink during the game. (Edit: Nope, worse than that.) Seriously, look at her with a shirt in her hands, just sneaking onto the court.


Edit: So, this whole story got even more weird. The woman has a history with the Nuggets and has, apparently stalked players. She was banned from the arena, yet somehow managed to sneak onto the floor. This whole thing is way too crazy.

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