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'He's Still In The League?!': The NBA Game Within The Game

Oh, the suspense of the NBA Playoffs. Not who will win -- but which old or forgotten might show up that you never expected to see again. We quizzed some local hoopsters to find out: "Is he still in the league?"

Bomani in the league?
Bomani in the league?

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Michael Redd and Sebastian Telfair playing for the Phoenix Suns. I had no clue either of them was still in the NBA, let alone logging quality minutes. The NBA provides more of these moments than any other league. You're at your house, straightening up while the game's on, hear a name from the past and say, "He's still in the league?"

It's the game within the game, figuring out how guys stick in the league and how you managed to forget they were even there. To show just how fun the game could be, "Bomani & Jones" went to a basketball Mecca to play along with some serious basketball players.

OK, we checked out some guys with real jobs who play at a middle school on Thursdays. Find out if our game was more interesting than theirs.

Here's a hint -- it was.

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