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VIDEO: Kenyon Martin Yells 'Goddammit' After Vinny Del Negro Calls Unnecessary Timeout

Armed with a two-point lead with less than 10 seconds left in Game 4 against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Los Angeles Clippers looked to have inbounded the ball to Mo Williams in the backcourt for the foul. Problem is, coach Vinny Del Negro pulled a Vinny Del Negro and called a late timeout, for some reason. Maybe he thought you only get two seconds to inbound the ball. Maybe he just wanted to add to the intrigue.

In any event, it frustrated his players. Witness Kenyon Martin screaming in the background of this video.

As it turns out, the Clippers inbounded the ball to Williams again after the timeout and he hit the game-sealing free-throws, but this was a classic Vinny Del Negro moment that ultimately was more amusing than damaging.

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