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Reggie Miller Corrects Kenny Smith About 'North-South' Basketball, Leaves Us Confused

So this was weird.

In his halftime analysis, TNT's Kenny Smith noted that the New York Knicks needed to do a better job of going "north-south" and not "east-west" if they wanted to beat the Miami Heat. This is jargon for saying they need to attack the basket instead of dribbling aimlessly. Well, as it turns out, Smith may not be technically correct in his jargon.

As the cameras went back to the game, Reggie Miller felt the need to correct Smith about his terminology.

So, which is it? On the one hand, Miller is technically correct in that the basketball court is horizontal to the fan view, not vertical. On the other hand, in football, when they say a runner is a "north-south runner," they're saying he doesn't dance around in the backfield. So ... I'm still confused.

How about this: let's not use dumb jargon to make a simple point. Instead of saying a team needs to go "north-south" more, just say they aren't attacking the basket.