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Net Cords: Reaction To Draft Lottery Continues In New Orleans

The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery was a few days ago and most of us have moved on to other things. It was a fun 30 minutes of television. We noted the results, we joked about conspiracies and now we are back to the regularly scheduled NBA Playoffs.

For Hornets fans in New Orleans, however, winning the lottery is a potential franchise-changer and they are not even close to being done with the buzz surrounding their victory.

SB Nation's At The Hive, is leading the charge and giving excited Hornets fans a place to gather, learn, and share their joy together.

It started on the night of the lottery when fans immediately began filling up the comments section with expressions of pure joy like this:

Holy Mother of Jesus is right!

I just put the Unibrow in a Hornets jersey as my Twitter background. So ecstatic. Lets geaux Hornets! Gordon and Davis is about a solid foundation as you can get

by Pueblo88 on May 30, 2012 5:47 PM MST reply actions

The first story after the "win" took fans through the roller coaster ride of the past year from the loss of Chris Paul, the NBA ownership situation and back to the high of winning the Anthony Davis Sweepstakes.

Next came site manager, Rohan, sharing his personal experience on the night of the lottery and his emotions and reactions to the surprising news.

From there, At the Hive has posted a detailed profile of Anthony Davis, ranked number one draft picks through history, and shared Davis' reaction to (possibly) going to the Hornets and reported on the soaring ticket sales in The Big Easy.

Congratulations to At the Hive and all the long-suffering Hornets fans.

'Net Cords' features the great work being done by the SB Nation network of NBA team sites.