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Grizzlies Not Looking To Trade Rudy Gay, Says Memphis Owner

Rudy Gay is easily the hottest NBA trade rumor name right now, as many assume the Memphis Grizzlies will dangle him to upgrade and gain some long-term salary flexibility. Gay is the sort of player that is good enough to make bad teams drool, but makes so much money ($16 million next season) that it's tough to find a proper fit.

But it appears that Memphis will either not even try, or will remain coy about the prospects. From the Memphis Commercial-Appeal's Ron Tillery, via SB Nation's Straight Outta Vancouver:

"We're not looking to trade Rudy Gay," Heisley said. "We're not shopping him around. Period. Do we sit around and say ‘What if we traded Rudy, who could we get?' No. Right now, Rudy is part of the future of this team."

That's what you expect teams to say, but it does throw some saltwater on the issue. We'll see if this line of thinking holds as the NBA Draft approaches later in June.

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