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Jesse Jackson Bores Bradley Beal

WASHINGTON -- You ever sit next to a guy on a plane that drives you crazy? So did Bradley Beal. The only difference is that Beal's flight companion was a little more famous than most nosy people that won't shut up.

While in transit en route to Washington D.C. for a workout with the Wizards, the Florida prospect tweeted that he just so happened to be sitting next to the Reverend Jesse Jackson. At the time, he seemed pretty honored to be graced by Jackson's presence. One day later, though, Beal didn't seem quite as amused.

"He talked A LOT," Beal told reporters in D.C., with a smile on his face. "I put my headphones on, and he ended up falling asleep."

Ah, the old "headphones" strategy, one that will forever stand the test of time.

Then again, you could forgive Jackson if he just wanted to get to know one of the NBA's likely top draft picks come late June. Except...

"He didn't know who I was," Beal said. "He just started talking."

Well, at least it'll be a fun story for Beal to tell his kids one day.