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VIDEO: LeBron James Probably Fouled Kevin Durant On His Game-Tying Shot Attempt

Let's get a few things straight before we get into this analysis of Kevin Durant's missed game-tying shot attempt in the Oklahoma City Thunder's 100-96 loss to the Miami Heat in Game 2 of the 2012 NBA Finals.

  • The reason the Thunder lost was that they fell behind 18-2 to begin the game.
  • The Thunder made the right decision to try to go quickly, because they're down two points, caught LeBron James napping and needed to extend the game.
  • You often have to club someone in the head to get a foul call in these situations.

All that said ... James definitely fouled Durant here.

As soon as James realized the play was happening, he extended his elbow into Durant's midsection. Before Durant pulled up for the floater, James had his arm under Durant's arm. Here, look:




In almost all situations, that's a foul. Late in a game, I guess it isn't.

To be clear: that's not why the Thunder lost the game. It's just unfortunate that such a great game ended on a questionable non-call.

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