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VIDEO: NBA Finals Scene Moves To Miami

After the Heat's tough win in Game 2 in Oklahoma City on Thursday, the 2012 NBA Finals moves to Miami as the Thunder hope to bounce back. The teams will face off in Game 3 on Sunday with the Finals tied at 1-1.'s Ben Golliver is ready to help break down what happened in OKC and what will happen in South Beach.

As Ben notes, a key to the Thunder's success over the next three games in Miami will be how they adjust at the start of games, as the Heat have beat them out of the gate in Games 1 and 2. There won't be line-up changes, according to Thunder coach Scott Brooks, but he could have a quicker hook on Kendrick Perkins or Thabo Sefolosha if things again get out of hand.

Be sure to tune in to our continuing NBA Finals coverage. Andrew Sharp will be in Miami for Game 3 Sunday, providing a close-up look at what he called the "perfect" Finals.

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