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Brandon Roy Targeting Return To The NBA

Brandon Roy, who was amnestied by the Portland Trail Blazers and left basketball due to chronic knee injuries, is attempting a return to professional basketball.

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Brandon Roy announced his retirement from basketball In December of 2011, citing chronic knee problems, but he did so in a way that left the door open for a comeback. Instead of leaving the Portland Trail Blazers and taking his salary off their books through medical retirement, the team used their amnesty clause on Roy's contract. That means another team can claim Roy by bidding on a portion of his contract, and they might get a chance to do just that.

Because he does not have a personal twitter account, Roy announced via the twitter account of Will Conroy, an NBA D-League player and former college teammate of Roy's, that he plans to attempt a comeback to the NBA.

"Yes, I'm preparing for a comeback, " said Roy, in a series of tweets. "I'm training daily. I'm preparing for a return next year. I appreciate the love. Hopefully I'll be back on the floor soon. Health is good."

Roy also noted that, because of the terms of the amnesty clause, it is highly unlikely that he would come back to the NBA with the Trail Blazers. Any team that signs Roy will want to perform their medical due diligence, but if Roy is healthy enough to play there's no doubt he can contribute in the NBA. Roy was a three-time All-Star before chronic knee injuries derailed his career.